No. The persistent myth that there is a two-year waiting list at Kirkpatrick Chapel may be the result of the fact that reservations are taken up to two years in advance. At present, there are reservations on the calendar through next year, but the entire year is not booked.
Kirkpatrick Chapel is not air conditioned; however, we do provide fans for the altar area.
No. Kirkpatrick Chapel is not able to accommodate receptions, but there are other venues at Rutgers that do, such as: - The Rutgers Club, just a short walk or drive from the chapel in New Brunswick. For more information, visit its website or call 732-932-7139, ext. 6550. - Rutgers Gardens-Log Cabin and Alumni Pavilion, a 15-minute drive from the chapel, may be booked for events. For more information, visit the Rutgers Gardens website or call 732-932-8451.
Yes. The temperature in Kirkpatrick Chapel must be maintained at 70 degrees and above for the health of the organ and portraits.
Events are scheduled in 1.5-hour intervals. The fee for a wedding is $600, for a memorial the cost is $400, and for a baptism the price is $300. Please visit our Services section for more details.
No. If you are renting Kirkpatrick Chapel for an event, you must provide your own officiant.
Visit our Resources page for a list of local ministries.
Visit the New Jersey���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½s Department of Health and Human Services website for details on how to obtain a license and download an application. You and your fianc������©e must take the application in person to the City of New Brunswick Registrar of Vital Statistics, located at Civic Square Plaza Entrance, 78 Bayard Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08903-0269. The phone number is 732-745-5018. There is a three-day waiting period before the license can be issued.
No. The tossing of rice, confetti, flowers, flower petals, or other items is forbidden both inside and outside the facility.
Yes. Flash photography is allowed inside and outside the chapel.
Renters may arrange for a florist to decorate the chapel, but the florist will not have access to Kirkpatrick Chapel until the first half hour of the contracted time slot. The florist should provide all flower containers and pedestals. All flowers, decorations, programs, etc. must be removed following the ceremony.
Taping, tacking, stapling, gluing, or otherwise attaching posters, signs, advertisements, and decorations to walls, pillars, or posts inside or outside Kirkpatrick Chapel is not permitted. Rubber bands may be used to attach flowers to the ends of pews. If special decorative items are required for your ceremony related to your religious of cultural traditions, please discuss this with Patrick Cogan, the operations manager.
Yes, aisle runners are permitted and can usually be purchased from a florist.
75 feet long x 4 feet ���½ inch wide.
Each one of the double doors measures 70 inches x 35 inches.
The pew ends measure 8 inches at their widest. The circumference is 19 inches, the thickness 2 inches, and they are 36 inches from floor to peak or 33 inches from floor to back of pew.
55 feet high, including ornamental gables; 43 feet to roof peak; 116 feet long; 57 �½ feet wide; center aisle is 75 feet; interior ceiling is 36 feet high.
3 feet high, 5.5 feet wide, and 21 inches deep.
There are 22 pews on either side of the church, 44 total.
650 persons is the Fire Marshall rating.
There are 111 regular spaces and four designated accessible spaces. Convenient handicap-accessible parking is located adjacent to the building on a first come, first served basis. Appropriate placards or license plates are required.
The gates are 12 feet high and 12 feet wide.
Electrical outlets can be found in either pulpit, on the back wall of the church, and just inside the front door.
Yes, it includes microphones at the two pulpits, a wireless clip on microphone, a wireless handheld microphone, and a CD player. There is no extra charge to use them.
Yes, but please note that if you are burning your own disc, it must be finalized as a "Music CD". The player cannot read a "Data CD." Please contact the chapel office if you have any other sound system questions.
The university organist is Renee Louprette. You can reach her by email or by calling 646-853-1859.
Refer to Portraits in Kirkpatrick Chapel for descriptions.
Refer to this Snopes Webpage for some interesting reading on the subject.